Welcome to Right Click

A consultancy dedicated to online business development, industry research, analysis and insights. We don’t just offer PPC and SEO Management, we guide our clients through a process, enabling them to understand and reach out to their target market. We are interested in utilising the most complimentary areas of the web that will result in the delivery of relevant traffic. Our Content Strategy for clients is bespoke and unique to their target audience, allowing businesses to grow online naturally. We are also focused on results and apply a tactical approach that will give clients a return on investment – we create a business case and identify opportunities that are tangible and allow clients to understand their online opportunities. 


  1. I want to do SEO and Rank Number #1 – Can you get us there?

    There is not a definitive answer to this question and never will be. Firstly decide what ‘phrase’ you want to be found for, secondly ask yourself ‘truly’ would it make sense for Google to show you at number 1 amongst thousands if not millions of other websites; if the answer is yes then there is a good chance we can get you their, but we will manage your expectations and be realistic in the time it takes to gain good natural rankings.

  2. How do I get links? Isn’t it just about having good content?

    Proper link building or link development actually has not changed a great deal over the last 10 years. The problem was the arrival of web 2.0 and all the social media, PR, Blogs and Article sites that came with it. Before this we would find a website that was complimentary to your own and guess what? Contact them, yes, engage with other people. Sometimes you would email, even pick up the phone and discuss how you could collaborate with your relevant websites. Its now come full circle and gaining relevant links is not easy, and yes having great content is crucial but you still need to reach out and work out why someone may want to link to you then encourage those opportunities.

    #HOT TIP

    “When you establish where your target market may be, the process of you trying to reach out to them will become the foundations of your link building efforts.”
    Quote – Christian Garrington

  3. PPC or SEO – That was the question?

    Choosing between investing in PPC or SEO can be a difficult decision to make because it impacts on your budgets and can affect the growth of your company or business. Your product or service may be more ‘informational based’ and may lend it self better to SEO and natural results. Or you may be up against a very price sensitive competitor of which you need complete control regularly of your ads that are displayed and therefore PPC may be better…It could be that the best strategy for you is just Facebook or Linked In – its all about your target market, where are they? How would they search? How quickly do you need results? PPC could be perfect, providing you understand the cost per click (cpc) and what your average conversion rate is to a lead or a sale.

    It’s so important to establish a business case early before you invest money in any activity online.